original expressionist/surreal visual art.




Expectation in Brachina Gorge, 2016, etching collage and handmade paper on BFK Rives,

Expectation in Brachina Gorge, 2016, etching collage and handmade paper on BFK Rives,

Welcome to my website where I display original contemporary art – oil painting, mixed media, and etching.

Art lovers, artists, students, galleries, collectors and those who love the visual arts may like to ‘wander’ through these website pages to view, inquire about my artwork. In my blog posts  I provide the viewer a behind the scenes introduction to my artwork hot off the easel and etching press.

My blog at elainedesterreart.com/blog is like my studio where I record  different stages in my painting and etching processes – artworks in progress.

In my compositions I explore a possible parallel between Earth’s creative forces and the creative processes of artists and poets. These two parallel themes coalesce within the structure of my compositions where I use disguised symbolism, sourced from pre- Minoan art and artefacts, and from art history.

 New artwork titled ABSORBING the LANDSCAPE at Brachina Gorge 

My new Home Page images are part of an ongoing fascination for a gorge in the Flinders Ranges in South Australia and the 500 million year old Ediacaran fossils found there. In previous posts I described some of the geology and fossils found around Brachina Gorge and the Golden Spike for instance.Brachina Gorge, Flinders Ranges, South Australia and Etching Collage about Brachina Gorge and Art about Heads in the Landscape (Brachina Gorge)

I have extended the theme into the idea of mentally absorbing the landscape.  I look at Nature’s shapes/landforms/geomorphology from which I create preparatory drawings that lead into a type of deconstruction and  then a re visualisation of geological forms as I try to depict a visual simulation of Nature’s narrative, timeline and transformation and my thought process involved in learning about Nature and mind in flux.


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At Artworks on Paper at Shopify in the Menu or go to : https://elainedesterreart.com/artwork-on-paper-at-shopify/ visitors are welcome to view my online place for buyers and collectors. The etching, chine-colle and collage prints on Fabriano (all artists’ materials) belong to a series titled   And Then the Ocean Rusted, 2014, at https://au.pinterest.com/elainedesterre/etching-and-chine-colle-titled-and-then-the-ocean/ about reflections and learning about landforms in the Pilbara at Karijini National Park

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