original expressionist/surreal visual art.




2014, intaglio, frottage and collage, 21x26 cm print, 32x35 cm paper. SKU 1720

Weano Gorge, 1/1, 2014, intaglio, frottage and collage, 21×26 cm print, 32×35 cm paper. SKU 1720


Rust and Ocean, 1/1, 2014, intaglio and chine colle, 25×12 print, 50×35 cm paper


Gorge Fragmentation, 1/1, 2015, intaglio and chine colle, 32 x22 cm print, 50×35 cm paper

These original hand made prints are not edition reproductions but single one off images printed on Fabriano printmaking paper as unique images

They are from a body of artwork titled And then the Ocean Rusted  that resulted from my exploration of the Pilbara region in West Australia.  The full series can be seen at http://au.pinterest.com/elainedesterre/etching-chine-colle-titled-and-then-the-ocean-rust/

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