original expressionist/surreal visual art.




Traditional skills gained through the discipline of life drawing underpin all my contemporary work whether figures or landscapes, oil paintings, gouache, etchings, digital prints and journal/notebook thumbnail sketches. By attending life drawing sessions, although a little infrequently, I gain many benefits. All mistakes become instantly visible such as:

*   General overall look of the mark making. The intensity and variation of tone, texture, shape and  line can become monotonous. Colour  for pastel drawings also demands attention and scrutiny.

*    Positioning of forms in space with some awareness of perspective that draws in the viewer’s eye to a focal point.

*   Anatomical foreshortening required in order to suggest movement in the pose.


5 thoughts on “Drawings

  1. Love the drawings, only wish I could have done half as well in earlier times. Arthritis is the problem now…


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