original expressionist/surreal visual art.

Oil Paintings


Small oil paintings, for more visit http://au.pinterest.com/elainedesterre/oil-painting-self-portrait-as-allegory-of-painting/ and http://au.pinterest.com/elainedesterre/oil-painting-surreal-portraits-at-mungo/


Portraits and Self portraits from a series titled Eye and Site about different aspects of vision and place. Also at https://au.pinterest.com/elainedesterre/oil-painting-the-doorway-and-the-painting-process/



Large oil paintings about erosion at Point Roadknight. Also more at http://au.pinterest.com/elainedesterre/oil-painting-point-roadknight/


Large oils from a series titled An Archaeology of Landscape

See more at https://au.pinterest.com/elainedesterre/oil-painting-nitmiluk/

Painting Studio

Painting Studio

8 thoughts on “Oil Paintings

  1. Your paintings are fantastic!


  2. Thank you for your encouraging comment.


  3. The first three paintings almost look like the rocks I saw in my road trip through the American Southwest… Beautiful!


  4. lovely textures, colours, tonal nuances and sensitive handling of the media used!


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